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Ballsmania Metallic Matte Necklace Set

Ballsmania Metallic Matte Necklace Set

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Elastic necklace and bracelet made with transparent resin spheres in metal effect. Nickel free. BallsMania® Collection - Registered Design

Necklaces: 25 balls of 22 mm diameter, elastic necklace length 60 cm

Elegance and sobriety.  The Metal Collection takes its name from the particular metallic finish and the balls are made in different variations and offer a wide choice of colors. A capsule with a unique and at times sober look, easily combined with plain colors for a personalized and incomparable combination. TUMBLING Method of mass painting of the article by the use of rotary tumbler. The product is inserted inside a special tumbler with clockwise rotation, outside there are guns that inject the paint inside the tumbler. The rotary movement of the tumbler ensures that the product rolls and is evenly impregnated with the colored paint.
Ballsmania products are strictly MADE IN ITALY and nickel free, made in compliance with Italian and European regulations, with extreme attention to the materials used and the environment.
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